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  1. Knew

    ReClock for editions above PowerDVD 18?

    I noticed that the last version of ReClock ( was for PowerDVD 18, does this mean I won't be able to get it to work with editions above that? If so, what solutions can I consider for my PAL speedup? I really don't want to use Corel WinDVD 12 (which has PAL TruSpeed) because for whatever...
  2. M

    Reclock not working correctly (probably) with realtek 1220.

    Hi. I got new pc yesterday and I installed mpc-hc, reclock and svp. I installed reclock for wasapi sound. It plays movies with 2.0 audo just fine. When the video is 5.1 or 7.1 only two streams are played. When I disable reclock, mpc-hc plays it fine. Also I get very loud noise (like somebody...
  3. Roxy

    PowerDVD 14 and ReClock => no sound

    I installed ReClock with these options: After installation, PowerDVD 14 remains silent. What's wrong? PS: May I add that the configuration options seem quite expert options to me. I would prefer to have only one single radio button list for configuration: Pitch Shift: O Automatic O...