1. N

    Question Quota limit

    Hi. I would like to know something please. If I am going to buy the lifetime license, what is the download quota? To be more specific, I read some posts saying that the current quota is 500. Suppose this quota is used, how soon (minutes/hours/days/months) would this quota go back to 500? And if...
  2. Kerry

    [ Resolved] Batches and Quotas (app freezes)

    Howdy, and Happy Thanksgiving to all from Texas, USA! First let me thank the devs for a wonderful app, and great features. I've been using AS for a few years now and I have loved each new update, but the latest major feature add with batch downloads is awesome! This is a fantastic addition and...
  3. W

    Available Quota?

    I just noticed under the down load status bar "Presently available quota" and a count down. What time frame is that? A month? A Quarter?