no sound

  1. ProtoSpud

    Bluray playback has no sound

    Product: ANYDVD HD Trial OS: Windows 7 Pro Player: Windows Media Player The video plays just fine, it simply has no sound. As far as I know I do not have Cinavia but I have the "Prevent player software from detecting Cinavia" checked in any event. I am using a USB headset and it is set to...
  2. D

    Kein Sound bei Rippen auf Festplatte

    Hallo zusammen, bin neu in diesem Forum, hoffentlich poste ich an der richtigen Stelle. Seit kurzem habe ich eine Lizenz von AnyDVD, unter anderem, weil ich beim Rippen des Films "8 Blickwinkel" ("Vantage Point" von Sony Movies, anscheinend von 2009) mit DVD Shrink gescheitert bin. Blöderweise...
  3. Roxy

    PowerDVD 14 and ReClock => no sound

    I installed ReClock with these options: After installation, PowerDVD 14 remains silent. What's wrong? PS: May I add that the configuration options seem quite expert options to me. I would prefer to have only one single radio button list for configuration: Pitch Shift: O Automatic O...