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clonedvd mobile

  1. Roxy

    Request CloneDVD mobile fails to convert Disney DVD

    This is the error report I'm getting: This is Chameleon transcoder engine [] (09/23/2013) LOG: [NEW SEGMENT] VOB:1 CELL:1 LOG: Video Start PTS = 33054 LOG: AudioA Start PTS = 25854 LOG: FrameCount = -2. LOG: MPEG2_GOP:#276 // V:0, A:2, S:0 // __ensure( get32(Data, Offset) == 0x000001B8 )
  2. DDtex

    Maximum resolution for MP4 output

    I was wondering why CloneDVD mobile has a restricted output resolution for MP4 files. I realize that this product hasn't been updated in quite a while and the intent was to produce video files for portable players, but today's devices have greater resolution capability and in addition some...
  3. F

    CloneDVD mobile crashes when selected titles have differing formats/properties

    For CloneDVD mobile: In Step 1, the user selects an output format. In Step 2 ("Title Configuration"), the user selects a DVD disc/file and then selects titles. In Step 3 ("Audio and Subtitle Settings"), the user selects audio and subtitle settings. In Step 4 ("Output Method"), the user...
  4. Roxy

    Proposal: Add batch processing

    Hi, I want to convert all my ISO files to something common DLNA players can recognize. I know that user interaction is necessary for selecting the correct streams to convert. But can we have the actual conversion get performed in a separate worker process, or even as a service in the...
  5. camperxl

    Status of CloneDVD Mobile Engine Revamp?

    I can't tell you when, but seemingly a long time ago (guessing when CloneBD was in its infancy) there was talk of the CloneBD engine becoming the revamped engine for CloneDVD Mobile after CloneBD became more stable. There's a lot of functionality (mostly in the form of mkv support) I'm hoping to...
  6. T

    The Fall Season One Disc 1

    Not able to rip this title only's files using current AnyDVD, for CloneDVD Mobile: This is Chameleon transcoder engine [] (09/23/2013) LOG: [NEW SEGMENT] VOB:1 CELL:1 LOG: Video Start PTS = 34534 LOG: AudioA Start PTS = 27027 LOG: FrameCount = -2. FFmpeg version from svn...