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    DVR Provider 3 updated to build 3.05, from 10.09.2021

    The DVR‑Provider 3 is a Windows Media Centre. It is suitable for starting movies such as ISO's and MKV's etc., on the OPPO's and Clone, directly from the DVR‑Provider 3 Posterwall. DVR‑Provider 3 updated to build 3.05, from 10.09.2021: This version has already been optimised for Windows 11...
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    DVR Provider 3 aktualisiert auf Version 3.05, vom 10.09.2021

    Der DVR-Provider ist ein Windows‑Mediacenter. Es eignet sich zum direkten Starten von Filmen wie ISO’s und MKV’s usw., auf den OPPO’s und Clone, direkt aus der DVR‑Provider‑Posterwall heraus. DVR‑Provider 3 aktualisiert auf Version 3.05, vom 10.09.2021: Diese Version wurde bereits für Windows...
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    Merge and/or clone feature request

    Hello, could a feature be added to either merge the vob files, or like CloneBD, create a 1:1 copy in an MP4 or MKV file with selectable or permanent subtitles.
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    Moving a CD to an Virtual Drive

    I have a software program that's on a CD. I have it installed on my home desktop and my work laptop. Carrying the CD back and forth opens the door to the CD becoming damaged. The software requires that the CD to be in the drive in order to run. Other users of this software have successfully...