Moving a CD to an Virtual Drive


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Jul 17, 2016
I have a software program that's on a CD. I have it installed on my home desktop and my work laptop. Carrying the CD back and forth opens the door to the CD becoming damaged.

The software requires that the CD to be in the drive in order to run. Other users of this software have successfully cloned the contents of the CD to a virtual drive and have successfully gotten the software to recognize the virtual drive as though it was the CD.

I've asked several times how to do this on the Facebook group for the software, but only get the response that it's already been discussed and to search the group. I cannot find clear instructions on how to do it.

I have Windows 7 on the desktop and Windows 10 on the laptop. The software is Monogram Wizard Plus.

I was able to successful create a virtual drive on the desktop, but haven't tried on the laptop. I cannot figure out how to clone the CD to get it's contents into the virtual drive and or once there how to get the software to recognize it.

Anyone out there to tell me what software I need and the steps to follow to get this accomplished. I am not super tech savvy, so please, keep it simple.

You could try CloneCD and make an image of it, but if the program looks for a valid cd it the mounted image then won't work unless there's a crack for that program to remove the cd check. A virtual drive only mounts disc images, you can't actualy place something on it.
All I know is that lots of other people have cloned the CD to a virtual drive successfully. The program recognizes the virtual drive as if it were the CD drive and the software opens and functions properly. What I have is a bunch of pieces of what to do, but don't know how to put them all together to get this accomplished. For instance, I found instructions on how to create a virtual drive. I followed the instructions and did that. I also downloaded Virtual CloneDrive, but there are no instructions for what I want to do. There are plenty of instructions on clone a music CD or a data CD, but is a Dongal type CD the same process. I cannot find anywhere in their help files that says so. I've also downloaded InfraRecorder, but same thing. No instructions that can follow. Then there's the problem of trying to follow video instructions and my drop down doesn't look like theirs and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Mainly just frustrated because I cannot seem to put the pieces together.

Vcd is only the tool you use to mount the disc image. You still need to create an ISO image of the actual disc first with something like ImgBurn. Once you've created the iso, it can then be mounted in the virtual drive.