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audio tracks

  1. network

    Request Feature request: save track titles for audio tracks

    AnyStream has the ability to save several tracks in the same language, like here: Not sure about other VOD, but for AMZN the information about these tracks is included in the MPD in the following way: As a result, all audio tracks are saved by AnyStream without any detailed info (MediaInfo)...
  2. lajoes

    Audio Tracks - I'm not sure anymore

    I'm not sure which audio track to download at times. I recently learned that DDPlus = Dolby Digital and HE-AAC = High Efficiency Advance Audio Code, and DDPlus Atmos is for the 'upward' firing speaker systems; and the number after indicates stereo or 5.1 I don't have an Atmos system, so it...
  3. J

    Iron Man 3 - audio issues

    Hello, I have tried to rip and encode Iron Man 3 BD and cannot get the English audio track to be included in the files. When I rip, I get English plus the visually impaired commentary (where they describe what is happening in the picture). When I encode, the audio options are as follows...
  4. C

    CloneDVDmobile 1.9.5 wrong Audio Tracks

    When want to convert a tv series DVD (Knight RIder) with CloneDVDmobile offers the language selection default set to "English". I manually change to "Deutsch" and start the corversation process. After this the first track/episode is written in German, the next ones are always English. What's...