Iron Man 3 - audio issues

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    I have tried to rip and encode Iron Man 3 BD and cannot get the English audio track to be included in the files. When I rip, I get English plus the visually impaired commentary (where they describe what is happening in the picture). When I encode, the audio options are as follows:
    English AC3 Stereo (1) - English w/ visually impaired commentary
    English AC3 Stereo (2) - English w/ director's commentary
    Spanish; Castilian AC3 5.1

    I used Redfox AnyDVD to rip.
    I used Nero 2017 to encode.

    I have never run into this problem before and would love any helpful suggestions. Thanks.
  2. whatever_gong82

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    Please READ THIS before you post!

    The log is needed to fix your issue.

    Also, please state everything you are doing, including what you're using to play the disc.

    Good luck.

  3. Ch3vr0n

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    AnyDVD has no control over which audio streams are shown or not, that's down to your encoding software, in this case Nero.

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  4. Pete

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    Not always, no. Log files are piling up to several GB on the forum server, so better not always shoot blindly with log files that may not be required.
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  5. Homeworld

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    The obvious solution is to try and use CloneBD even in trial mode and see which options you have available for audio. If you're presented with the audio options you want, your software is insufficient in some way.
  6. whatever_gong82

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    Gotcha, Pete. Thanks for the gentle correction.

  7. JamesG

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    This problem exists even when I simply rip using RedFox AnyDVD.

  8. Ch3vr0n

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    AS i said, anydvd has NO CONTROL over which audio tracks do or don't appear. This is not an anydvd issue
  9. Homeworld

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    AnyDVD will make a copy of the disc and all of the data would be included in the resulting disc image (iso) including the audio track you want (assuming it exists). You need to change the software you're processing that disc image (iso) with.

    Opening the disc image (iso) with CloneBD ( and selecting to play it inside of CloneBD will show you the individual subtitle and audio tracks available.
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  10. JamesG

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    To make this abundantly clear, let's leave the encoding portion out of the issue altogether.

    When I right-click on AnyDVD in the system tray, then click "Rip Video Disc to Harddisk," I do NOT get the English audio with the video. The M2TS file that contains the movie includes an English audio track with extra narration for the hearing impaired.

    The BD plays with the correct audio track in my LG BD player. The disc is not defective. The BD drive I use is a Samsung SE-506 and works fine with all other discs, ergo it is also not defective.

  11. sondeterra

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    That is the wrong ripping choice, a BluRay gets ripped to an image on the Hard Disc, not Video Disc and is played back on a computer using a virtual drive, like the free Virtual Clone Drive, then everything is in the right place, you do not rip to folder you rip to an Image.
  12. JamesG

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    If that is the wrong ripping choice, why does it exist in the menu as the item above "Rip to Image"? What is "Rip Video Disc to Harddisk" used for?
    Regardless, I have the same problem when ripping to an image.

  13. tectpro

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  14. whatever_gong82

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    Here's an old thread that I participated in that explains a little the difference between ripping via ISO and ripping via hard disc:

    Basically, the "Rip Video Disc to Harddisk" is used for regular DVDs, because they contain structural protection. After the DVD is ripped to the hard drive, you can use third party tools like DVD Shrink to process the ripped DVD.

    EDIT: Thanks to tectpro for more info on this.
  15. Adbear

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    ISO vs folder makes no difference with regards to his issue.

    As has already been said. AnyDVD doesn't touch the audio streams it removes the encryption from the disc but has no ability to remove audio streams. If the audio stream isn't being seen then that is down to your encoding/playback software
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  16. Yarc

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    The problem is Nero, they removed the ability to process HD audio because of legal issues. I used Nero in the past and after an update HD audio capability was removed! So I removed my support. CloneBD is much better anyway.
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  17. JamesG

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    Nero is indeed a pile of shite. I had no idea it had gotten so bad. I was previously running 2015 but gave it to a friend thinking that the 2017 update at a discount would be a decent move. When I first starting using it, Nero 2017 worked fine. I guess I got the update that removes the ability to read HD audio. That explains the inability for me to encode with the English movie track (and without descriptive audio / commentary). Hell, I could have encoded with Spanish dubbing with HD audio...

    I still can't rip the HD audio using AndDVD's "rip video disc to harddisk." But that's a moot point. CloneBD worked great. Thanks for the help.
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  18. Ch3vr0n

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    Yes you can, anydvd as said, only rips the entire disc structure. The audio is inside the M2TS files. If CloneBD worked, then anydvd did its job, cause if it somehow would have the magical ability to hide/remove the HD audio track, CloneBD wouldn't see it either.
  19. JamesG

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    When I play the M2TS file ripped with AnyDVD, it includes descriptive audio in stereo only. Any idea how to get AnyDVD to rip with the HD audio (w/out descriptive audio)? Are all audio tracks included in M2TS? If so, how do I choose? If not, how do I pick before ripping?

  20. whatever_gong82

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    Please try out CloneBD to test your audio playback. It's free while in beta.

    Also, it's recommended to rip to ISO, not hard disc for Blu-rays, if you did the rip to hard disc instead.