1. jayper

    Question: Partial Copy ISO with 3D Retained

    Apologies for the new thread, but I was hoping to get a quick validation on my understanding after reading through documentation/FAQs. If I have a backed up 3D blu-ray (folder back-up or ISO), and I load it into CloneBD, I will NOT be able to create a "Partial Copy ISO" and retain 3D for...
  2. M

    A cupple of regular BluRays recognized as 3dBluRay, why?

    Hello there I am currently in the process of ripping my intire BluRay-collection using Any DVD. Everything is working splendidly, except for the fact that a cupple of BluRays are recognized as 3DBluRays when trying to start the rip process. The BluRays in question are: Teenage Mutant Ninja...