Young Guns 1988

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  1. rap31264

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    When I try to copy the DVD Young Guns (movie only), sound does not work as in no sound at all after copying. I have tried both my burner drives. I can clone the DVD and sound does work but I would like to have just the movie only if possible. Thank you.

    P.S. I'm using CloneDVD2 version and AnyDVD version

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  2. mmdavis

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    The only way that could happen, is if you don't select an audio track in CloneDVD. There should be some auto selected, but maybe not. On the "Audio and Subtitle Settings" screen, make sure that audio tracks have check marks by the preferred language (on both the left and right panes).
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  3. rap31264

    rap31264 Well-Known Member

    No change, when I "Copy DVD Titles" there is no sound with the movie. There is when I "Clone DVD" it. My settings are correct. I never mess with the settings. I've used the product straight "out of the box" for many years the same way. Clonedvd2 capture.JPG Clonedvd2 capture 2.JPG Here are captures of the settings...
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    Moving this for now to the clonedvd section, as this is not an anydvd issue. Anydvd doesn't tocuh the audio, and can't physically have any impact on sound playing or not

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  5. rap31264

    rap31264 Well-Known Member

    Oh ok...Thank you...
  6. James

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    What are you using for playback? Ist DTS supported? Can you change the audio track on your player?
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  7. rap31264

    rap31264 Well-Known Member

    I use VLC or Windows Media Player to view what I copy to my hard drives. The sound works on VLC but not on WMP which is ok...Pretty much all my DVD copies work on WMP. I just copied it to a DVD and I'll try it in my DVD player later today....
  8. rap31264

    rap31264 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I copied the "movie only" and then copied it to a DVD and it plays sound. It just didn't play sound trying to view it with Windows Media Player which ain't no big deal. Everything is all good...Thanks!