You CAN run it on Vista 64, here's how

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    Just to put this to rest, for the time being. You CAN run VCD on Vista 64 (I have Ultimate Edition). But.... This is intended only for "power" users who know what they're doing, it can and 99% of the time WILL damage something to get the software installed; but a more advanced user can chose how to crash the system, see below.

    step 1:
    shut down EVERYTHING you can get away with. Every system is a little different so I can't tell you what to shut down and what not to. That would be processes in the task manager (software running), and ALL non-kernel tied services as well, right down to the last thing being a few system fundamentals and Explorer.

    Step 2:
    the last thing to do before crashing out the system is to turn off ANY and ALL auto-start/auto-load recovery tools from the msconfig editor and make sure system restore is turned off, and the service set to disabled. Then unload Explorer and chose "restart" from the panel manager ctr+alt+del and immediately do step 3.

    Step 3:
    quickly pull the plug from the computer BEFORE it shuts down. Then count to 30 and restart.

    step 4:
    as you slog through the boot process, a screen will come up giving you some start-up choices. Chose Safe Mode with Networking Support. I don't know why, but it works better with those services loaded up too. click enter before time runs out; then immediately do step 5.

    Step 5:
    Quickly, before it loads up (as soon as you see the little green loading bar) pull out the plug again.

    Step 6:
    Again count to 30, then plug the system in and restart

    Step 7:
    Watch the boot, as soon as the bios screen passes (if you have one) hold down F8. One of the choices is to turn off driver signing, (and also engage legacy support).

    Step 8: As soon as windows lodes install VCD. Then RESTART your computer again. Windows will install the unsigned driver by creating a faux signature for it in the codex.

    I found this out to install PG2 some time ago, and it works for VCD (and most other things) as well. The hacks about entering codes into the command prompt do NOT work in the final version. Shutting down signing only works once per crash cycle. On the next reboot you'll reactivate signing for future drivers. Crashing your system is bad. Doing stuff like this is for advanced users only. If you blow up your system or loose all your information, or create a giant black hole that sucks the world into it, I warned you. :D This is like stunt driving for computers. You crash but you know how to fall, and all that.

    NOTE: all that works on MOST systems, but not all.
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    how can that work when the driver is 32 bit? (unless somehow i've missed the 64 bit edition)
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    Vista can and does run 32 bit drivers on x64 platform, it just requires proper fee licensing to make sure that they receive money from all the free software out there.
    That's why I said it's just for advanced users. There are ways to cut the power without loosing much. It's not great, but it works; and once you have it installed, it will work forever.