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XIII Season 1 Disc 2 fails to backup


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Feb 13, 2024
To whom this may concern, for almost a year now I still can't make a backup of TV Series XIII Season 1 Disc 2 of 3. The rest backs up fine, even entire Season 2 completely flawless, but Disc 2 of Season 1 constantly fails, tried on different systems, on different windows versions, on different BR burners/players, every AnyDVD update in past year, results are all the same, specifically fails to copy 00010.m2ts and 00011.m2ts but the rest of Disc 2 content backs up successfully, basically can't backup last two 2 episodes, they each are in the usual 1920x1080 11GB range. Attached are AnyDVD log files for rip to Image and to ISO creations. According to manufacturing (Canal+) there is nothing wrong with discs and nobody has reported issues playing, they are Region B and all play fine on multinational BR player. How do I solve this problem? Please advise, thanks!


  • AnyDVDripper_log_G_RipToHD.txt
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  • AnyDVDripper_log_G_RipToIM.txt
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Neither of those attachments are actual log files, they are text files that are useless to the devs.

Please create and attach the actual full logfiles. A real log file has an extension of .ziplog.

Post #4 gives instructions for creating a log file. You did read this before posting, correct?