Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive not recognised in Vista Ultimate 32-bit

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  1. Rodster

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    Xbox 360 HD-DVD on XP - Need Help

    Hi all

    I recently purchased the next Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive and plugged it into my laptop with XP MCE and it installed all the drivers automatically except windows doesnt recognised HD-DVD and when you insert a HD-DVD disc My Computer shows CD-DRIVE, yet DVD's show correctly and play. Even BackupHDDVD doesnt show the drive even though its listed as F:. Do these drives need the Toshiba UDF 2.5 drivers for Windows XP? I tried downloading the UDF drivers for XP Media Centre, but i get a message saying they cant be installed on the pc???

    On Windows Vista it simply doesnt recognise the device at all and wont install it and cant find the drivers online either, yet i heard UDF 2.5 is built into Vista.

    Please advise steps to do this.

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  2. Webslinger

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    Stop creating new threads about the exact same issue, please. :policeman:

    Chances are you're going to have to google for the drivers you need. I'm not sure. Regardless, be patient, wait for a reply, and stop spamming the same thing over and over.
  3. Rodster

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    Apologies. I think there are problems with the forums as i create a new thread and it adds it as a reply. Feel free to delete all these and ill start from scratch.

  4. Webslinger

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    I'll try searching for a solution. I can't promise anything, and I don't have this drive (nor am I using Vista at the moment).
  5. roog

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    You need be connected to the internet so that Vista can find and install the driver.

    I haven't had any problems using this drive with Vista Premium.
  6. Rodster

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    Thank you. I read that Vista Ultimate has UDF 2.5 built into it, so the drive should work. Strangely enought on XP MCE its automatically detected and drivers installed - should be other way around. It seems to be drivers, not the UDF file system. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  7. Rodster

    Rodster Well-Known Member

    I am connected to the internet right now, and the search finds nothing at all. I tried it 3 times, still no luck. The drive installs fine on XP MCE except without the UDF support so cant run Backuphddvd. On Vista the drive refuses to install and a vista message says it cant find the drivers for this device. Rodney
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  8. wdgoldstein

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    USB woes

    The drive works fine under Vista as is with no need to do much of anything. Vista will go out and d/l the needed drivers from MS. It sounds like the problem is with the USB connection. Make sure that the cable is properly (all the way) inserted. Try a new cable, remove any other USB devices from your system except the 360 drive and try to reboot.
  9. Webslinger

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    That's what I just read as well (I read a fair bit on this topic just now). Sorry

    Maybe someone can find a solution for you.
  10. Rodster

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    Im using the same USB cable as i used when XP MCE detected the drive, so i doubt its the cable. What else could it be?