Writing another hdr sdr utility for madvr this time to adjust custom nits per movie sdr

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    This is for people who find hdr too dull. When setting pixel shader math most set it to max nits as per panel. Mine is 418. The problem is certain movies look way better at 120 nit's while other at 418. So like xdr if you place nit.cal file in movie folder will give you these hdr sdr settings in madvr.

    Max nit
    Gamma curve

    Very simple.

    So say you got war of planet of the apes. You could use 120nits and for fate furious you can use 418nits. The movie will load in mpcbde and check if madvr is present then check if trigger file is present and apply custom nit per movie and restore original settings after mpbcbe exits.

    I own hdr tv but prefer some movies using madvr pixel shader math instead of passing hdr directly to display.

    Think others would use this?
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