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WMA audio books, remove DRM to convert file to Ipod

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Aug 25, 2007
I am wondering if any of the Slysoft products, or combos have the ability to convert the DRM protected WMA files to useable for Ipod.

Our library has free three week downloads of audio books in WMA (they are DRM protected), they only play on computer or a mobile player like Zune not they are not "openable" or convertable to Ipod.

Once I magically downloaded a book, one chapter burned to a cd and put onto my nano...mysteriously I cannot recall my pure luck.
Anyone with info on steps to get a protected WMA to Ipod???
I'd love to listen to books they offer for Zune but not my player. Thanks.

..I did late tonight find an outside download program the enables DRM removal however for WMA, converts, saves new file version, then have to move file again. Really prefer a Slysoft method.
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Solution worked great, tech question on procedure

The above link was the solution that worked. Yes I needed the 1-3 fix, Without it would not find any licenses.
Now that I have that gem- (BIG thanks) -
I was able to get files already on my computer to open and then resave in DRM free, available now for use. Understand that part ok

for a newbie can you walk me thru this procedure:
My question is- can I use this program say for a CD that I have put in computer with locked DRM audio files -what is next step?

-Do I always need to open fu4wm and move each audio files to box to scan?
I guess my question is, how does it handle a DRM CD that one needs to be able to convert (copy) to play in car? Do all files need to go to computer hard drive and burn a new CD?

(I hope Slysoft can figure out a solution like this for DRM to integrate into Any DVD, hint, hint)
the program works by striping the drm off the files and then placing the files back into the folder containing the drm files you're working with.so if i was you i'd copy the files from the cd to a folder on you hard drive making sure you can play the files in windows media player (thus indicating that you have the necessary license(s)).then use the program on the drm files.use marakagi first to recover the keys.once that has done it's magic,open FU4WM and locate the drm files etc...
once the files are 'No DRM',you can then burn them back to cd or make an audio cd.
(i dont think the program can strip the drm from a file on a cd then put the 'No DRM' back onto the same cd.but if you can play the drm files from the cd,you can choose where to save them by specifying a different output location).
you do have to specify each file that you want to remove the drm from (but if all the files are in one folder just add the whole folder).
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what do i do now???...

ok i tryed the first solution but it is asking me for a key... it sais that its lost?? i dont no but i have the same problem... i have rented an audiobook from my library on the internet and now i want to be able to put it on to my ipod but it cant even be played on itunes because its a wma with a drm.. i used one of the programs that just record while it plays but it only took untill the first marker in the audiobook so i only have a minute out of 7 hours!! is there another program other then the ones listed above because i have already tryed blaze pro media, tune bite and the 2 listed above but it dosnt do any thing for me.. accually the reason the blaze pro media didnt work for me is because i had the demo but it expired if any one knos how to get around that plz let me no... thx!! :D
if you can play the drm file,then you must have the license key on your computer.
first use mirakagi program.then use FU4WM.
if the file cant be de-drm'd,then it might be because a microsoft update has been installed to windows media player which stops these 2 programs to work.
the only other solution i can think of,if you can play the audio book,is to record it (in real time ie 7 hours) with a free program called audacity.
this program will record any sounds that you can hear on your computer speakers (ie anything from the sound card).
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