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    Hi guys,

    My first question is does game jackal pro negatively impact running any DVD or cloned DVD mobile in anyway? Are the softwares OK to run at same time (IE, I have any DVD to auto start in system tray, launching game jackal doesn't conflict?). Also does game jackal function ok in Windows 10. I presume game jackal doesn't negatively impact auto play functions of cd and DVDs that currently run fine and as intended on Windows 10.

    The important thing though is, on Windows 10 Microsoft has locked down securom / safedisc games. I know the driver can be re enabled on systems that were upgraded from Windows 7/8 but as mine is a new PC/clean install I don't have this option. It's frustrating as I have a fair few EA titles such as Tiger Woods 08 that would run fine on 10 but due to securom / safedisc they refuse to launch. Unfortunately enough of games collection are affected for this to be v annoying. Can game jackal help with this? I read a bit but it's hard to know exactly how one would use it

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    I just bought it, done a few system tests and all ok. But I wonder if it will help with securom or safedisc. It's a little tough to know how I might use it. Take tiger woods 08 as an example. So I put the DVD in and install it as normal. Now I get the issue when I try to launch the exe, nothing happens because the disc has one of securom/safedisc. How would I utilise game jackal here? Disc remains in, launch game jackal, work out the UI to find/browse to TW2008.exe and do something with it? Presume that if successful game jackal needs to be running every time I play that game from then on? I am not really bothered about replacing the necessity for the disc, it's no sweat inserting it to play - my goal is to get the game(s) running on Windows 10.

    Sorry for all the questions, I really appreciate the help/advice