Windows 10 Pro - ARM64?

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    I just received my Snapdragon 835 (ARM64) Windows 10 HP tablet and the 1st thing I did was upgrade from Windows 10 S(ucks) to Windows 10 Pro. I know this is old school but I would like to connect my portable USB powered BD drive to the device. Being ARM based and not x86 the AnyDVD driver wont work/install. I plan to install PowerDVD 17 for bluray playback.

    Is there any chance Redfox will build AnyDVD for Windows on ARM natively? If so I would like to try it out.
    Hopefully the source code is cpu agnostic and a simple rebuild in VS2017 with ARM64 target is all that is required?

    Ahh-22 hours on a single charge and 4G built in.
    The thing is super light. Heck the keyboard and cover weigh more than the device.

    Than you
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    Moved to general chat. The Blu-ray issues section is reserved for disc related issues only.

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