Windows 10 DVD Drive Problems

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by LewisMiles, Nov 2, 2020.

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    Hello! I have upgraded my system to Win10. Loving it and all, however today I wanted to install a game from a disk. As my internet isn't really fast and is has a daily limit of 9GBs at max speed, I prefer installing huuuge games like Witcher 3 from disk..

    So I pressed the button on my DVD ROM, it opened okay, put in the disk, closed, started humming, and that's all... DVD Drive is missing from My Computer and Device Manager as well. I have tried old regedit tweaks like deleting max and min values, and adding it as controller0... nothing worked. Checked the motherboard, cables, everything seems ok, the DVD is connected, gets electricity, opens, closes, hums, but doesn't appear in the system... don't know if it has anything to do with it but SM Bus Driver doesn't work according to the Device Manager and I can't update or do anything with it....

    To give a bit of a background, my motherboard and processor is new (Gigabyte Z97 D3H, i5 4460), the rest of the system is "older" (replaced the c

    omponents over the past years)... After an IT friend of mine put together the computer I installed a legit Win7 and didn't really use it, I don't remember putting a disk into the computer at that state. I had 8.1 before that and the DVD drive worked ok...

    Anybody having this issue? Is it a bug or what? Any solutions you guys know? Thanks for the replies
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