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    Hi guys,

    I am using Windows 10 together with a child account for my son. I wanted to install some older PC games I own on the device using Game Jackal. Game Jackal works at least for some games on my administrator account, but it even fails to start on his account. The error message is: Unable to connect to the Game Jackal server. Please contact support. Error - Cannot create file "C:/program files/Slysoft/GameJackal/Server Connection.gjlog" - Access denied.

    It seems that this is related to restricted file access on the child account. Is there a workaround for this issue?

    Edit: I have been able to get a bit further with Game Jackal on a Windows 10 child account. Setting Windows XP compatibility mode makes Game Jackal start. The software should instead show a message about missing access rights instead of some generic error message. Just a little feedback from my side.

    Anyway, the software works and it is able to record drive access. I have been able to record a few games but I must admit that quite a few, e.g. Sam and Max, Knights of the old Republic and some more, don't work out of the box (using regular CD start). That's a bit disappointing. Setting administrator rights for the installation sometimes helps installing a game, but this isn't always a solution. That's a different topic, though.

    What doesn't work in any case is replacing a physical CD drive with a virtual drive. I used WinCDEmu, but the drive was only mounted, but couldn't be accessed from file explorer. I then used double click instead, making the operating system (i.e. Windows 10 in that case) automatically mount the .iso image. The only difference is the drive letter, which changes in this case (in my case from T: to D:). In any case, this mounted image can be accessed, but I couldn't make any of the Game Jackal profiles work with this one. So, I end up with a mobile PC which still requires a USB CD drive to be connected (without the proper CD, but still ...) .

    Ok, here's the question: Why do you think isn't it possible to play the Game Jackal profiles with a virtual drive (no physical drive connected)?
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