Why you should buy Physical disks

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jamie, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Jamie

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    This article explains why people should buy physical disks and not buy digital movies from Apple....

    This isn't mentioned but streaming through netfilx, prime, and other companies have the same issue. They remove movies and TV shows all the time.

    If I get bored I like to bring up my ripped movie collection at any time and the only reason why it would disappear on my LAN is if my house gets nuked. Yes, I have a backup disks located at another place.

    Here's the article.

  2. manixx2020

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    NOT if u can keep them (CAP) & add to your digital lib.
    Plus there are some good digital 4K HDR movies not on or realesed on uhd disc, Esyslium, Into the storm ect..
  3. kufo

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    I think the joy of inserting a disc in the player can not be compared. Unwinding data from a hard drive is something completely different.
    I collect movies and no data on disks. That's my personal reason to buy movies on disc. I'm totally Jamie's opinion! The link also says exactly what I think.
    When I see the return of the record, it's only a matter of time before discs come back.
  4. testiles

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    Concerning Netflix, Amazon, etc. it's a little different from purchasing music on iTunes because you know when you use those services you're "renting" the movie. And we all know what's offered on those services comes and goes.

    I can't count the number of times there was something streaming on Netflix, for example, that I definitely wanted to see but by the time I got to it, it was long gone.

    So I'm now in the habit of watching those YouTube videos that let's you know what's coming and going in Netflix the next month :=).

    I also use PlayOn Desktop to download movies on my Watchlist that I most want to see (PlayOn says this is legal Fair Use and makes sure no one is pirating by starting the download with a splash page showing your email address, IP, etc.)....

    ... So it's on my computer already when I get ready to watch it. Also, should we have a temporary Internet brown-out, I can still watch something from my Netflix or Amazon Watchlist if that's what I'm in the mood for.

    This is of course is just for those B- and C-rated movies the streaming services offer. I always always get major movies in disc format.

    'Cause I couldn't agree with you more Jamie, it it's a keeper, get it on disc!

    Manixx2020 it is possible to buy and download 4k HDR movies for permanent retention on your computer?

    If so, who offers that and how does it compare to UHD disc in terms of video/audio quality and price?

  5. StoneyJSG

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    I'm old school, I'm all about the disc. I have very few mkv files. I come from the age of the floppy disk and the 500MB hard drive.
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