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    I have downloaded the trials of AnyDVD and Clone Dvd Mobile, for converting movies for use on my Ipod Touch.

    Some of my movies work and others won't: For example "V for Vendetta" Full screen, Region 1, will only copy sound and I just get a plain white screen. This problem also happens with "Canadian Bacon" 16:9 Wide screen, Region 1. But other movies such as "Smokin' Aces" Full screen, Region 1 will work fine. I have also riped "The office Season 1" altho it was kinda hit and miss on what ones to copy. It worked fine. This is again Region 1 in Anamorphic Wide screen 1.78:1.

    Does any one know how to get the unworking movies to work? Also does any one have tips on how to copy Tv episodes as there are many to choose from once you pop the disc in.

    Any help would be great: