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  1. LG Burner

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    Hello All,

    Using AnyDVD-HD and Clone HD, I have created two ISO's that I cannot open with PowerDVD 12. I would like to have working menus to make selecting audio format simple. I'm using W10 to mount the ISO, not interested in burning to disk.

    New to Anydvd so looking for advice from you guys...

  2. whatever_gong82

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    If you ripped a Blu-ray disc, you need to post this in the AnyDVD HD Forum.

    Also, PowerDVD 12 might be outdated, but I could be wrong.

    By the way, the other program--as long as you bought it from Elby-- is called CloneBD.

  3. LG Burner

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    OK, thinking this was a software question but will move to Blu-ray.

    Thanks for your time!
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    If AnyDVD was able to create the iso's, then it did it's job. Windows built-in iso support is probably spotty at best. I'd try 'virtual clone drive' first to mount it, then next step would be a more recent powerdvd version and if that fails see if the original plays in that old powerdvd

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  5. LG Burner

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    Thank you! It was the player, PowerDVD 12. Found out VLC configured for HDMI did the trick for menus and audio selection.