which version PDVD?

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    I have a LGCH20L BD drive. The OEM version of PDVD came with it, I can play any ISO from daemon tools and DVD or BD as soon as the disk popped in. Perfect but the problem of this version can't play from HDD, this is very important for me since all my DVD and BD are stored in HDD.

    I have 3319a which Cyberlink gave me long time ago and I can play all my movies from my HDD without any problem. But this version I can't play any ISO and any disk. As soon as I tried to play any disk or ISO from Daemon tools, PDVD will disappear/crash. Why, I think because I have a LG drive that came with OEM PDVD that's why as soon as I tried to play a disk from this drive to 3319a PDVD something is not connected and that's why it crashed :-(

    I tried install 2 PDVD 3319a and LG version based on this thread. but they are not corporate and gave me so many errors... but if I tried using 3319a and 3730a it works perfect, without any problem.

    There must be someone here using one of those LG drive with the same problem like me, playing ISO, disk and able to play BD files from a HDD? How do u do that? I've 3319a in my possession.

    Thanks in advance.