Which type of Verbatim DVD+R to get?

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Blanks' started by cp1966, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Those Datalifeplus 8x Verbatims are likely MCC 003, so I think I would go with the Datalifeplus discs as they are likely real Verbatims (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), as opposed to those really made by either CMC or Prodisc and sold under Verbatim's name (these are still better than a lot of CMCs and Prodiscs you may find elsewhere though). There is a rated speed difference though (16x vs 8x). If you don't mind burning slower, I would go with the MCC 003s.
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    It is really great to be able to get this type of response to a question on a product(s)!

    Thanks a ton! 8)
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    I use the Data Life Plus hub printables..... they ID MCC 004 but I don't know if the silver Data Life are the same.
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    004s are 16x rated dvd+rs. The 003s are 8x.

    Actually, I just scanned the reviews from the link, and someone did post those Datalifeplus ones cp1966 linked to are MCC 003s.

    Datalifeplus use to be the really good stuff (almost always MCC or Taiyo Yuden), and Datalife use to be the stuff
    that was all subcontracted (CMC, Prodisc, etc.). This isn't always the case anymore though.
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    Thanks everyone! 8)
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    My favorites have always been the Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16X DataLifePlus, White Inkjet Printable, Hub Printable 50-pack [MCC 001]. They're so nice to write on or however you label. Sadly they just cost too darn much when compared to the Verbatim 16x Single-sided DVD+R Spindle 100-pack [MCC 004].