When Will Multiple Cores Be Supported?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by jasondunn, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Today, even the lowest-end computer is going to have a two core processor, and I'm seeing entry level quad-core systems for not much more. Watching CloneDVD Mobile use one CPU is frustrating, while the others sit there doing nothing, is frustrating. It could, and should, be going so much faster. :bang:

    When is SlySoft going to offer a multi-threaded version of CloneDVD Mobile? Or is this a limitation of Mencoder?
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    Check out another thread in this forum (CloneDVD mobile Format Extentions). It describes how to update the Devices.ini file for multiple threads. I have an Intel (Kentsfield) Quad-core system, and am running with threads=4. I haven't done any speed compare tests, but the cores meter in Vista is showing activity on all cores.
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    Cool - I'll check that out. But why should a customer have to come to the forums and seek out the answer to this - is there a reason CloneDVD Mobile doesn't set this automatically, or is it that Mencoder simply has to be manually programmed for the right number of cores? Seems a bit...silly, no? :confused:
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    Multi Core and Vista

    I've got to agree with you on that point. Most software I have was updated with Multi-threaded/Multi-core support in early-mid 2007, especially purchased Video processing software.

    I will add that despite all the bad sentiments toward Vista on this and other forums, I did a clean re-install with beta SP1 a couple of months ago and my system is rock solid and fast -- I've had 3 separate video encode/editing programs running at once and can still do email, etc with no delay. All 4 cores are busy, and arbitrating as they should so all programs are making good progress. No doubt XP is more stable, but Vista is now working for me.