what's the quality like on drives these days?

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    I use the lg wh16ns40 and lg wh14ns40. I have a few of them laying around and some extras to read all my archives. Im pretty new to optical media and was wondering about the quality of these drives in 2020/2021. my use for them is archiving data on verbatim blu ray m-discs, I use the 25 gb the 50 gb and the 100 gb Varity. recently had one start to show problems after 40 days, but I abused it so i don't think its not the drives fault and im getting a new for for free anyway. I burned well over a terabyte of media in those 40 days and did lots of reading/rippling and ran intensive computer programs from the blu rays on the drive for testing purposes and the drive was spinning like crazy and having a lot of trouble with random file access(running intense programs/games from the drive). I have a few extra drives laying around for reading backups in case drives aren't commonly sold in the future. they dont have any sort of shelf life do they?
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