What to do when contacting Slysoft (Helping Us, Helping You)


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Jan 28, 2007
(Thanks to Olli for writing the original steps.)

Since Anydvd beta, things have changed. This is what you do now (please do both):
(Thanks to Olli for writing the original steps.)

1. Send an email to Slysoft and include

A. The Anydvd .zip log file

a) Ensure Anydvd is running.
b) Put the problematic original disc in your optical drive/reader. Wait for Anydvd to scan the disc.
c) Right click the red fox icon on your toolbar.
d) Select "Create Logfile"
e) Wait for Anydvd to create a log file.
f) A pop-up screen will appear. Take note of the location where Anydvd created the logfile and the logfile's name. Click "ok".
g) Windows Explorer will open. You will see a zip file called "Anydvd_Info_titleofmydisc.zip" (or something similar; see step f)
h) Write a an email to support(at)slysoft.com (replace (at) with @). Name your problem, try to identify the disc (e.g, Little Black Book, R2, UK), the UPC number if possible (below the barcode on the package).
i) They like if you include your AnyDVD serial number in this email. You find this information in the Settings Window -> About.
j) Attach ZIP file

B. The Clonedvd log file


(Wait for Clonedvd to finish or for you to get an error message first).

a)In the white area under the tab labeled "Log", right click and select "save as".
b)Select where you want to save the log, and then save it.
c) The log will be a .txt file. Zip it up using Winzip or another program.
d)Attach the Clonedvd log .zip file and email it

C. A Decription of the Problem
State the a)full error message(s) you encountered (click "details"), b)tell them what program(s) you were using when you received the error message(s), and c) describe in detail what you were doing when you received the error message(s). What problem are you having exactly?
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