What sets the destination path?

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  1. DavidL

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    Hello, I am Ripping to Hard Drive and set the path to:

    The path is then appended by the program to (example movie name):
    \\SERVER\MediaU\Video\My Movie Name
    But the files end up here
    \\SERVER\MediaU\Video\My Movie Name\My_Movie_Name\Video_TS\all files

    Note the double folder with the movie name.

    I am trying to ensure it rips to:
    \\SERVER\MediaU\Video\My Movie Name\Video_TS\all files

    Even this would be ok:
    \\SERVER\MediaU\Video\My_Movie_Name\Video_TS\all file

    This used to work this way in original Slysoft AnyDVD. I think it changed with RedFox versions.

    Is there a setting to eliminate the double folder?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    U do, in the anydvd ripper. Don't think that code changes. Afaik Anydvd's ripper auto adds the discs volume label. Try setting the ripper destination to just \\SERVER\MediaU\Video if it's not already set that way. If it isn't, please provide a screenshot of your destination path as currently set in the anydvd ripper
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    Every ripping program I've used going back to DVD Shrink has worked that way. They rip to a folder based on the disc label appended to the path you set. Some use all caps with underscores some don't. If they didn't work this way then when you ripped multiple DVDs and forgot to change your destination folder your Video_TS folder would be the target for all of them. Just rip to "\\SERVER\MediaU\Video\" and rename the disc folder to your liking afterwards.
  4. DavidL

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    "I am Ripping to Hard Drive and set the path to:

    I am ripping to there...
    the problem is it seems AnyDVD is adding TWO folders of the movie name.

    I have been editing the second folder by moving the files and deleting. The additional problem is my movie playback database also then has to be repointed.
    It's a pain to do this all manually.

    Thanx for the reply!
  5. Sp^ke

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    Here's a screen shot. Is your playback database doing it? untitled.JPG untitled.JPG untitled.JPG
  6. DavidL

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    In your example, my files would be in:
    C:\Temp\FullDisc\DVD Video\DVD_VIDEO\VIDEO_TS