What Player Will Play My blu-Ray Backups

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by imabum, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. imabum

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    Are there any blu-ray players that will play my backup discs without the copy protection on them? Please advise
  2. starz

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    I Don't Know Of any that will for Standalones, I know that the Sony BDP-S300 Wont,
    I have tryed it,
    My research in this only provided that you cant burn a BDMV Disc yet
    and thats what u need to burn copied BDs burning soft wear that can burn a BDMV Disc or software that can convert the Mpeg2TS files to BDAV witch also fars I know don't exist yet, what I do Hear you can do but haven"t tryed it, you can use something like nero and burn your BDMV Disc structure to data Disc as UDF 2.5 Partition and they will play on the PS3 BD Player.
    or witch I have tryed, Buring the same way they will play on the computer BD Rom Drive threw Power DVD and for mine I'm connected threw HDMI Cable to my TV and Watch them that way,
    though I Don't burn BD-R-s after testing there to expensive to use special when there not compatible with standalone BD-players for this sorta backup use.
    I Use Win Rar and packing them into split archives and burn um to DVD-R 4.7
    takes o say 10-15 mins to rar them and that long to unpack to HD for watching, on average this cost about 3$ per movie or less to back up and is not perminit u can still later unpack and re burn to BD-R at a later time.

    if anyone has a better Idea or knows more I'm also Interested in knowing also!