What impacts speed of DVD to ISO?

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    Good day folks & happy holidays to those that celebrate this time of year.

    The question :
    1 - What impacts DVD to ISO speed creation (Besides SSD & OOD selection)?
    2 - can anydvdhd/clonedvd gpu acceleration be enabled/enforced?

    The Why:
    The vast majority of my use is via Anydvd HD + Clone DVD to make ISO copies of my DVD collection (main movie only).
    Historically I have maintained a single windows 10 VM for redfox/elby, zortrax, sketchup, and steam. This VM contained 8 gb of ram, 1060 gpu/sata for od/usb passtgrough, and 6 threads.
    I setup Steamlink, so I installed a new VM with a 1080 gpu.. But dropped the threads on my redfox VM to 2 from 6.
    Using 2 CPU threads vs 6 I have noticed a significant slowdown in DVD to ISO tasks (2-3x as long). However taskmanager shows very little use of the CPU speed speed...

    Thanks ahead of time!
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    1 none
    2 doesn't exist. And no hardware acceleration can't be enabled either. Anydvd doesn't use/need to support it as GPU is used for encoding. Anydvd doesn't encode. Clonedvd would need a major rewrite to support our and elby has stated in the past it wouldn't unless things would severely break with an os update. Dvd's audio are encoded in MPEG2, which afaik isn't supported by ANY GPU either way in hardware acceleration.

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    Much obliged!