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  1. I've used AnyDVD quite a bit but not nearly enough. I'm always changing harddrives and building or buying new computers and each time I have to ask for a key resend. Tedious. I bought a lifetime subscription. So today I wanted a key resend and I actually forgot the SlySoft name and Googled it and saw the legal implication. So sorry. Lucky for me I had the foresight to record the name and password of this forum. Movies are one source of entertainment where you pay for something first only to find it's something you don't like. Music you hear on the radio and at least get a chance to determine if it's something you'd want to own. I a believer of DVD copy and posting on YouTube or some other website the movie so at least people can watch the movie which isn't always of good quality and determine if they want to buy the DVD which is excellent quality. (And then use AnyDVD to copy it and sell the DVD to make back your money!)
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    You don't know that the key can be saved to cd, usb flashdrive, hard drive...?
    Not really. There's usually plenty clips, (extensive) trailers, multiple reviews...
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    Uploading movies on a site such as YouTube is considered piracy. You don't have studio authorization to do that.

    Piracy again, if you sell it original, you no longer have the right to keep a backup. Piracy again.

    We don't like that here, or your use of AnyDVD for that purpose.

    Topic locked.

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