Warning: applying higher speeds than natural viewing speed, might cause your provider to block you

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by MCalca1706, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. MCalca1706

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    Warning: applying higher speeds than natural viewing speed, might cause your provider to block you. Do this at your own risk.

    If this is the case what makes this program better than a Screen Recorder which must be run in natural viewing speed? The faster speed would be the best advantage but it is putting you are risk?
  2. Tschens Brems

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    You pronounce a warning in the title of the thread even though you don't know it! There are some power-users among us who download with full speed from the very beginning without an issue. However, The development team certainly had something in mind when they introduced the option to download at 1x speed.
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  3. Blurayfan

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    I don't believe OP was framing the post as a warning, but rather asking why did the developers put that warning on the speed settings screen.
  4. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    The warning was not from me it's in the software if you change the download speed. I would like to know how likely is this to cause a problem with service providers?
    !X speed to is too slow and almost like recording the video in real time, like with a screen recording..
  5. testiles

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    Since "Warning" is the title of your thread one might think you were giving concrete evidence that this is a problem and issuing a "Warning"!

    That's why I clicked on it immediately! LOL!

    You were just quoting the warning on the AnyStream page, I get it.

    I assume that's put there so anyone who decides to download at higher than real-time speeds is aware that there is some risk.

    I've been using the higher download speeds and have so far had no problems.


    Obviously, the app is built to take advantage of a higher download speed. But it's good to know there's possible risk if you use it.

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  6. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the response. I do wonder what the risks of being detected by either Netflix or Amazon are. I certainly do not want to loose either Netflix or Prime which I have been a member of for over ten years. I also remember what happened with Any DVD having to shut down and users having to buy it again.
  7. PluggerOfButts

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    I DL'd at max speed [outside of the first day] the entire trial period. Still have access to Netflix. Now just waiting on Visa purchases.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    As i've said before, i've been downloading at unlimited speed, ever since closed beta began at the end of april this year. I've yet to see any negative impact. Then there's the fact that everyone is not downloading from the single same server. You download from a CDN (Content delivery network) server, those CDN's are built and designed to handle massive amounts of traffic from a ton of sources all over the planet. I don't know the exact underlying behavior but i doubt the traffic anystream generates is any different from a normal user using a browser (since it does use a chromium based browser), with the single difference that AnyStream is capable of decrypting the streams itself where a normal browser would need to install the respective app (which then in turn does the stream decrypting)
  9. Kai Cheeda

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    Well I think the main advantage is quality, when you screen record and try to compress to a comparable size of the source file you're still adding a generation of compression and quality loss, AnyStream using the original file introduces no further deterioration of quality. I think that's more important than the speed aspect.
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