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    I'm trying to rip an ISO of Wall-E using beta. When I open the resulting ISO in a software BluRay player like Leawo's or CloneBD all the title text is displayed in Spanish instead of English. I specified English in AnyDVD's language setting but that didn't make a difference.

    I also unchecked "Remove annoying adverts and trailers," expecting to see the disc's home menu when I opened the ISO. Instead, they go right into the movie. It appears the home menu is being stripped off.

    I've tried this process five times between trying different settings and rebooting the computer. I'm confused about what else I should do to get a clean ISO rip. Would you please point me in the right direction?

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    It's not AnyDVD HD's fault.
    You need to use a licensed player like PowerDVD to enable playback with a "Menu". All the Disney stuff usually starts with a "Select Language" dialog that chooses which playlist to play. If your player picks the wrong playlist it will be in another language, unless you just get lucky. You will need to find and select the right playlist for whatever language you want to play in CloneBD too.
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    Not an AnyDVD issue, not a requirement to use PowerDVD and both a wrong playlist issue either. AnyDVD didn't remove anything and PowerDVD didn't play it because it simple wasn't listed in the 'first play' sequence. That's just how they authored the disc. I've got multiple such titles myself.

    Sometimes after playback starts you can then press 'top menu' on your remote to go to the main menu, or change settings through the pop-up menu

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    Ah! Thanks for the explanation. I had the old SlySoft version of AnyDVD and never saw this before. Then again, I was probably using PowerDVD since free Blu Ray players weren't available at the time. I'm glad to know this isn't really a problem.