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    I decided to revisit this original TV show I used to watch as a kid. Bought the complete Original series on DVD and when it arrives I plan to use CloneDVD mobile (been using it for years) to get all the episodes onto my home network.

    typically with tv shows on either bluray or dvd, episode numbers are not normally identified discretely in the list within the application. for example, when i was converting my entire GoT series with ripbot, i had to note the exact duration of each episode in order to correctly identify which episode i was demuxing.

    with Voltron, i think that the runtime of each episode in a particular series is exactly the same. so what i guess i want to understand is: when clonedvdmobile shows me all the chapters of the disc, it does actually number them from 01 .... 50 (or whatever it is). could i rely on this numbering/order to indicate which episode i am going to encode ?

    for instance, is chapter 01 going to be the first episode on the disc, chapter 02 the second episode, etc. ?

    not sure how dvd's are physically structured and how clonedvdmobile presents it to the user.
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    For me, the surest way to find out what Title corresponds to what Episode, is to play the original disc with something like MPC-HC and see when selecting the various Episodes from the menu, which Title is played. You don't have to watch the whole disc, just start Episode 1, see what Title is played, jump back to the menu, then start Episode 2, etc.
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    i could hope that each episode/chapter displays a title at the beginning .... unfortunately that is not always the case with shows (such as I saw with GOT).

    i'll try mpc if i cannot figure it out with clonedvd mobile
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    as i suspected, there are no episode titles within the video (or audio) of each episode ... and each episode is exactly the same run time ....

    luckily - i compared some online episodes that are titled and numbered, with episodes on the discs in number sequence (title01, title02, title03, etc.) ... found that the episodes on the dvd's are structured in ascending order beginning with the first episode.

    btw, i decided to use makemkv + handbrake to import everything. was able to do batch ripping and encoding. makes it easier when dealing with 124 episodes.
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