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    I have asked this question also before. I know it really is unrelated to slysoft, but there are more helpful and knowledgable people here than most other places. The new generation Archos's will play VOB files. Problem is, that when you decrypt a DVD using ANYDVD, it is obviously broken up into multiple VOB files. It can get annoying watching the units load screen, in the middle of a movie, everytime it has to change VOB files. Anyone know the best (easiest) program to merge all the VOB files together? Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know a progam to join all .vob part, but I think, i know why they cut it :

    On fat32 and file over 4 Gb (ntfs is limted to 16 Exbyte with 1 Exb = 2 ^60 byt)... But on DVD, it's can be a similar problem.
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    Use VOB File (passthrough) in CloneDVD mobile when encoding the movie from the original DVD format.
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    Im using CLONEdvd, but I dont see the vob passthrough option. And will it make just one VOB file? Thanks.
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    Holy crap... I can't believe I just asked that in the last post... Forget I asked it and don't hold it against me. I feel like an idiot.
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    To convert many vob files to one vob file (from CloneDVDMobile or the VTS folder with CloneDVD) try MKVmerge in the MKV Toolkit. It's free. Add all the vobs in the order you want and then create the MKV file.
    Then use MKV:MPG. Also free. Chose single file Mpeg2 (DVD) output.
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    We all ask questions sometimes that we later wish we hadn't. ;)

    Also make sure to not have a check in the box about breaking the output files into individual chapters. You'll end up with 1 single VOB if you do it the way I mentioned and since you already use CloneDVD mobile there's no reason to use another program. :)
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    That won't be searchable though will it? Windows will play it, but if you hit pause it will just stop and begin again at the start (kind of annoying if you're watching a 2hr DVD and stop at 1 3/4hrs and want to pick it up the next day, especially as it won't be searchable either.