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    I have spent a lot of money investing in the Microsoft Partner Program and would very much like to make working backups of my Microsoft Windows Vista~ Business and Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 DVDs (to name but a two titlesof the whole package) thus ensuring against scratching, cracking and other accidental damage to the Master DVDs.
    I appreciate that CloneDVD2 is primarily aimed at cinema DVDs and for which I offer Sig. Giancarlo Bettini my sincere gratitude. However, is it possible that SlySoft will be producing "mixed mode" and/or "Data DVD" cloning programs and if this is not in SlySoft's current remit, do any of my filial forum chums have any advice and or solutions to offer with which I m,ay safely and reliably backup my very expensive Microsoft DVD collection?
    It is late and I cannot remember whether the forum rules allow me to enter my 'e' address which is so if I am infringing the rules I ask pardon in the hope that my problem will stand as "extenuating circumstanced" at my trial.....
    Thanking you all who read this for reading it.
    With best wishes to the whole community,
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    I don't use Vista, so I haven't tried backing the discs up. But Clonecd would be the Slysoft product to be looking at--not Clonedvd2. Since I don't have Vista, I can't test to see if Clonecd will work for you. But Clonedvd2 is not the answer.

    I'll move this to the Clonecd forum.