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    i am trying to copy gone baby gone .. i have windows vista and have tried doing what charlie mentioned with the sp1 update.. heres the thing ..i followed all the instructions properly but when i reboot and check for updates .. nothing comes up at all .. been checking for updates the past hr and im getting nothing .. have i missed something here?
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    If Microsoft has pulled the RC from Windows update, you will have to wait until it's released here in a couple of weeks.
  3. Charlie

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    Try rebooting. I had to do it one or two times prior to getting the actuall SP1. There is a way to get the RTM ISO straight from MS but forgot how to do it It is like 1.3 gigs. I looked and that is now locked down too it seems.
  4. Charlie

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    They pulled the bat file download the download is still on their site I'm pretty sure of that. I have uploaded the bat file here for slysoft members.
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    Try this, the SP1 service pack link mentioned is still working, I just tried it;

    As an alternate to the registry hack here is a location that gives instructions for installing Vista SP1 RTM final via download from Microsoft (I think you have to register with the forum to gain access);

    Note that the KB937287 and KB938371 updates are now being made available via windows update. So after you run Windows update (may have to repeat several times) to ensure the these are installed (and a third update(KB935509) for Ultimate users) you only need to download the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (x86, KB936330), 532.94 MB and script files mentioned. Then after copying/extracting to the C:/VistaSP1 folder run steps 1 and 7 to 10 in the 'Installing' section.

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    Nice forum there as well I really like their style they chose as well.