Viewing HD DVD from Hard Drive w/lots of problems

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  1. Hey all... first post. First want to say that Slysoft products rock and that if other software companies did 1/2 as good of a job with their products I wouldn't be in this mess. Continuing on... I'm having a great deal of difficulty viewing HD DVDs from my hard drive. I read through several posts and I wish I would have read through them before I bought Cyberlink's pathetic excuse for a HD program... ($100 down the tubes)... So PowerDVD obviously won't work and I'd rather not mess with PowerDVD's program files if I don't have to. Does anyone know of a program that consistently plays HD DVDs from the hard drive without issues? (Also I own Nero 8 and Nero Showtime's HD option and it doesn't work either... freezes or plays incredibly slow - Goodbye another $100). Any advice or links will be greatly appreciated as I'm betting there are several others with this same issue(s).:bowdown:


    Update: FYI: Nero Showtime now works that I have disabled the replace highest XPL file option.
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    Unforturnitly, PowerDVD is the most stable software player that you can use at this time. The other software players, WinDVD & Nero still have much more "bugs" or problems with their software. Most AnyDVD forum members are using previous versions of PowerDVD such as version 3104A which is the one that I currently use. My video playback would also freeze and run slow or choppy until I upgraded to a newer more modern video card. Here is a link to where I described my current video card and its benifits to other forum members. I hope this will help you with your problem
  3. I downgraded to 3104 and the problems are gone! Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
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    Glad I could help you with your problem.