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    Well after a lot of searching these forums I was finally able to download and install imageburn and daemon tools. I think I can even say I was succesful in going through the whole method of ripping the HD-DVD with AnyDVD-HD, creating an iso file with imageburn and then mounting the image with daemon tools. As you can tell I am very happy with myself.

    I do have a big problem though. I can't get the movie to play. I ripped Transformers and I am trying to use PowerDVD Ultra. I have read that the newer versions of PowerDVD won't read directly off of the HDD, but that is why I am using daemon tools to give me a virtual drive.

    The error I am getting is the same as when I try to play the HD-DVD directly from my player. It says I have an incompatible graphics driver. I have tried downloading a newer driver, but I still get the error. I would imagine that my graphics card just isn't up to snuff.

    I am currently using a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card with 256 mb video memory. I am also running Windows Vista Ultimate and am using PowerDVD 7.3 ultra.

    I thought that when you rip a HD-DVD with AnyDVD-HD this type of error was supposed to be removed.

    If anyone can help me with this problem I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Brandon, I think that your current video card isnt powerfull enough for HD DVD and Blu Ray Playback. I searched the web for a review of this card and found that this card was released about 4 years ago. I recently spoke about an inexpensive nvidia video card that I found at for about $129. This card is not for gaming but was designed just for HD DVD and Blu Ray playback. This card uses "purevideo" technology which offloads the video processing from your CPU and lets the video card do it instead. This card was highly recommended by members of this forum when I asked for advice when I was thinking about buying a much more expensive $300-$500 Nvidia card. AnyDVDHD is not designed to help with a "incapatible video card drivers" problem. Its designed to allow you the watch HD content without having a HDCP compliant monitor. Below is a link to where I spoke about my current video card. Im pretty sure it will solve your playback problems
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    James and others have been recommending the ATI 2600 series of cards which are also fairly cheap. They claim that this particular series (not the 2400 nor the 2900 series cards) reduces CPU utilization more than any other card out there. So if your machine is older, and it sounds like it probably is given that you're using an FX 5200, then you may seriously want to check out the ATI 2600 series cards. Otherwise the 8600 GT is a good cheap NVidia card. I use an 8800 GT myself which I absolutely love.
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    Thank you, both of you for the reply. I figured that my video card just wouldn't do it, but thought it would be better to ask rather than wasting a bunch of money for nothing.

  5. SamuriHL

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    Definitely a good plan. But yea, unfortunately, your card is way too old. I think they say that the 7900 series cards are the minimum you can get away with for HD playback. The 8600 GT is a good low end NVidia card from what I've read. That's assuming you absolutely want to stick with NVidia. Personally, I am amazed at the power of the new 8800 GT cards. Mine can power through games and HD video with ease, but, it's not what anyone would consider a "cheap" card. I paid about 280 USD for mine. Whatever you decide to get, you'll definitely love HD video. :)
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    I have a 2600 and it's great, it off loads so much onto the card, and mine has a built in sound chip so it decodes the audio and puts them both out through the HDMI to the TV. Also before this card I could never get full res 1080 out to my TV as it wasn't recognized properly even though it's a HDCP compliant screen, but now it is
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    The problem is PowerDVD ........ deliberately designed to not work with older cards. More then likely for DRM reasons.

    HD-DVDs and Blu-Rays can be played on ANY graphics card if you have enough processor power.

    PowerDVD will work with any Nvidia series 7xxx card and upwards
    My C2d e4300@2.4GHz + a Nvidia 7300 will play any HD/Blu smoothly and with no problems.

    I also have a dual PCI-e/AGP rig available with a C2d processor ......... any graphics card I try will play HD/Blu (as long as I don't use powerDVD)
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  8. Adbear

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    Well I've tried playing some of the higher bitrate H264 Blu-rays with a 6600 and a core 2 quad and it can stutter when it hits the high bitrates
  9. Xtrap1979

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    I can definitely recommend the ATI 2600 series.
    Got 2 cards in my computer the 2600XT and the 2600Pro, not in Crossfire mode.
    One card is used for two LCD monitors the other one has a HDMI interface used for connection with my 46"LCD.
    The CPU load decreased for about 20 % since switching from Nvidia to ATI.
    However, it's a bit tricky when using more than 1 monitor (this goes for both Nvidia and ATI) since Power DVD only works properly when using the monitor as primary device
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    I use a Nvidia 8400GS with an AMD X2 5000+ for my media PC. I believe this is the smallest configuration you can getaway to play HD video. You may be able to get away with a 4000+. It seems like dual core is pretty much required.

    Any Nvidia 8000 series has AVC hardware acceleration which is pretty much essential unless you want to get a HUGE CPU.

    All that being said, I don't recommend the 8400GS. It seems to have compatibility issues with both Nero and PDVD (Nero hardware acceleration still doesn't work). Unfortunately, it's the only low profile card I could find with HDCP.
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  11. diskwatcher

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    I have a 2600XT from Sapphire bought to play the occasional game and run DVD's on a 19" wide screen.
    It was $99 back in October and the reviews for it's performance running HD are stellar (It also came with all the Black Box games.).
    If the rest of your specs are up to it, like 2.0 or better for the processor, at least 1 GB ram and running XP, then that's all you need (In addition to ANYDVD HD of course.).

    It does come in the AGP flavor so that needn't be a problem.
  12. SamuriHL

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    Yes, you are correct. PowerDVD sucks in that way. Artificially disabling valid video cards is ridiculous. But, that is what we live with for the "privilidge" of playing our paid for discs.
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    Just to add my 2c; I used to use a GeForce 6200 but after upgrading to a 24" screen with 1920x1200 resolution, I found that the 6200 struggled with VMR7 and VMR9 at full-screen. It struggled to achieve 25FPS for PAL movies and was incapable of rendering 50FPS for DVB TV. This was with basic SD MPEG2 video.

    Having said that, this limitation seems to apply to the video window size - not the source. If you have anything up to a 1650x1050 resolution screen, it is OK, there's just a magic figure at which the bandwidth of the card is exceeded. HD on a 1280x1024 screen even with a GeForce 6200 is fine, but SD on a 1920x1200 screen with the 6200 is not. I don't think the problem was as bad with overlay.

    The GeForce 5200 is slower than the 6200.
  14. diskwatcher

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    I hear you, and so do we all.
    Gee, DVD buying is dropping like a stone, I wonder why ?

    Could it be customers think they're being scammed ?;)
  15. SamuriHL

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    That and people are finding other forms of entertainment. DVD buying dropped in September like a rock. The reason? Halo 3 was released. The music and movie industries need to understand they are not the only game in town for entertainment. They really need to shape up. This whole DRM kick they're on is beyond ridiculous. Customers aren't going to put up with it and they'll spend their entertainment dollars elsewhere. What's the point of owning something like a movie if it's laiden with DRM? A lot of people are sick of it and are just renting movies these days rather than buying them. And who can blame them?
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    Newegg has an XFX 8600GT card with 256GB DDR3 memory on sale for only $79 after rebate. I just picked one up for my main PC but I'm using a LeadteK 8600GT with 512MB DDR2 RAM in my HTPC and it works great for HD-DVD and BD playback. I don't do any gaming on my HTPC so I don't need a super powerful graphics card. In fact, I just downgraded from an 8800GTS with 320MB and I can't see any difference in the playback quality.