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    I searched and found this thread. So I thought I'd post here to see if any additional solutions were found and to keep all the info together.

    I never had the "VerbosePageForm" error prior to installing fully licensed versions of AnyDVD, CloneDVD and CloneCD. The error is always on shut down and I only receive this error when Nero 7 Essentials is attempting to run.

    I have all the following apps installed but none preload when my system boots up.
    Nero 7 Essentials

    Everything was working fine till I updated to AnyDVD 6412. Now I can no longer run Nero 7 Essentials at all. It launched the user interface but clicking on any shortcut icon within the application causes the Nero to crash.

    I am going to remove Nero and reinstall it in an attempt to get it working again.

    I also am running.
    AVG Free Edition

    If anyone has made any comparisons with people having problems with like software installed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. :bowdown:
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    Old versions of Spybot's teatimer did cause conflicts with installing Anydvd in the past. I have no idea if that's the issue here, but it would be fairly easy to check.

    Forum rules have changed since then. Please don't post in other people's troubleshooting threads unless you wish to assist them. click and read fully. Thank you
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