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    Verbatim DVD+R: My local Sams has made in India, Best Buy has made in Taiwan. Is one preferrable over the other, as far as quality goes? I can't find Singapore made anywhere.
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    That's debatable. If they're made in Taiwan, they are made by CMC or Prodisc. If they're made in India, they're made by Moser Baer. When the discs are being made for Verbatim, those disc are all supposed to be produced to Verbatim's high standards. We all know that what's supposed to happen doesn't always occur.

    Of these, I tend to prefer the ones made by CMC, but there have been some really (and I mean really) poorly produced CMC-made Verbatims.
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    My DVD-R from Verbatim, the ones I just bought are made in "UAE" and the older ones in "Taiwan" both have the media code: [DVD-R:MCC 03RG20]

    Are these good Verbatim ones?

    Thank you!
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    Yeah, those are made by Falcon Technologies International (FTI). Some people are getting excellent results from those. But there's not enough feedback yet to form a solid opinion.

    They can be.
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    I have never used any other ones, because I liked my results. This is also true, because I never burn faster than 4x, or sometimes 8x.

    I have another question about Double-Layer ones from Verbatim:

    why is DVD-R DL a useless format?

    General question about DVD-R and DVD DL from Verbatim:
    - Are the ones from Taiwan better than those from India?

    - What is special about Singapore made ones?

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    The layer break position is fixed (mostly)

    If they are made in Taiwan they are either made by Prodisc or CMC and sold under Verbatim's label.

    If they are made in India, they are made by Moser Baer and sold under Verbatim's label.

    In my experience CMC produced Verbatim's tend to be better than the others you just mentioned. However, CMC has produced some horrible stuff that's been sold under Verbatim's label in the past.

    Some people like Moser Baer media that's sold under Vebatim's label. I don't.

    Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Mitsubishi's plant is/was in Singapore. Verbatim made in Singapore is "real" Verbatim. And "real" Verbatim is more consistent in quality.

    Another thing to note is that in the words "Datalife Plus", the "Plus" denotes Verbatim's higher end line (but that line is mostly outsourced anyway).
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    hmm, okay. But how can that be a problem?

    I prefer DVD-R over DVD+R, because DVD-R runs in more DVD players, so logically I would use DVD-R DL...

    How can I get CMC stuff here in Europe?

    How can the quality of a DVD blank be measured?

    So, having MCC blanks is a good thing?

    Well, is "Datalife Plus" something US like?

    in terms of DVD blanks I can only buy "Extra Protection" and "AZO", where AZO is the better quality.

    Thank you!
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    You can't retain the original layer break position.

    No. That's complete nonsense. Once you've changed booktype to "dvd-rom", dvd+r plays on all players.

    The only problems that arise in compatibility with playback at that point are typically due to a lower reflectivity depending on the reflective layer used in the blank disc.

    In fact, having booktype changed to "dvd-rom" can help to ensure compatibility, especially if players are checking for media type (used to be a common check with some game protections).

    I don't buy dvd-r.

    You may already if your Verbatim is made in Taiwan. You would need batch codes/serial codes (often found printed on the inner plastic hub of the blank disc). This thread is old, but it gives you an idea of what to look for:

    Longevity testing (exposure to different environments including heat and humidity)


    PI/PO/jitter testing (over a wide variety of burners) is common online


    CATS testing

    I also like looking at C't test results (typically shows how various burners do with certain types of blank media):

    Well a lot of companies that produce blanks for Verbatim use the MCC media code. So MCC, in of itself, may not mean much. MCC and being made in Singapore are good things.

    It has been mostly phased out in Europe. Datalife Plus is still found in the U.S. and Canada.

    That's misleading. In the past Super Azo may have been better. That's a tough call lately. "Extra Protection" refers to the top layer of the disc. It's a harder top coating, which offers more scratch resistance and protection. These discs are produced by various manufacturers, and so, you may get different results. "Azo Crystal" is even better than "Extra Protection". "Crystal" is even more resistant. Keep in mind that some "Extra Protection" discs that were made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden were excellent.

    Typically Verbatim discs made in Japan are produced by Taiyo Yuden.
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    It still surprises me when I people say DVD-R is more compatible. That is a fallacy that people keep on perpetuating. As Webslinger noted, a DVD+R disc booktyped to DVD-ROM is seen exactly the same as a commercially pressed DVD-ROM disc. How can DVD-R be more compatible than that? In technical terms DVD+R is better than DVD-R, as well.
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    Well, that's what I heard. DVD-R doesn't need to be booktyped and because it's the official format, plays in all standalone players.

    Best Regards,

    I guess I will order some DVD+R DL from Verbatim and see how that goes.