Verbatim DVD+R or -R

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    I been using Verbatim -R for along time and they worked flawlessly.

    Now that Verbatim stopped making these and started making the junky ones I thought I was lucky to find these +R's
    The lowest speed to burn the +R is 4x which I had problems. My movies were glitching. The -R's I was able to burn at 2x and that made them playback smoothly.

    What am I doing wrong? Did I buy the wrong +R's? Or is my burner junky? The -R's burned wonderful so why not the +R's?

    If I were to get the DataLifePlus should I get the -R's or the +R's and how can I gurantee my movies wont glitch on my like the normal +R's. Should I get the shiny ones or the white ones. Ever since Verbatim stopped making the good -R's I been getting some crap blanks. Please help.
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    :confused: What are you talking about?

    With +Rs it's important to change the booktype to "dvd-rom" before burning.

    No one should be burning 16x rated blank media at 2x. Use 8x or 12x.

    And update your burner's firmware (if available).