Using mplayer with AnyDVD HD?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by z-factor, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. z-factor

    z-factor New Member

    Hi all,
    With all the talk of the different movie players, has anyone tried using the open source program mplayer to play movie discs? Supposedly it can handle both evo and m2ts. I guess it might not work as well for the movies that are split into a dozen small files....
    Any experiences?
  2. jonr

    jonr New Member

    Latest version (via SVN) works fine for me under Linux. Except for "Man on Fire" (Blu Ray). The audio and video are there, but mplayer can't figure out the frame rate and the video stutters.

    I haven't tried the Windows version.

    It would be very helpful if Slysoft would test with this combination. mplayer is certainly priced right.
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  3. jonr

    jonr New Member

    It's now looking to me like the latest versions of mplayer are having problems with AnyDVD HD files. 10 seconds or so of perfect, and then problems.
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  4. jonr

    jonr New Member

    It works well now. I can run WinXP in VMware player. Any DVD HD rips the BluRay disc to shared disk space. Then I run mplayer in Linux on the files.

    Luckily I can start playing while it is still decrypting/copying.

    Yes, slightly inconvenient, but it works without problems.