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    I have another question for the members.

    Right now i am using a DVD Shrink 3.2 to shrink my files which takes about 30 minutes ( because i am putting them on my desktop versus burning directly ) and then i am opening DVDclone2 and burning the movie from my desktop which takes about 20ish minutes - is there a faster way to do this?

    Like using DVDclone2 to compress a movie and then burning directally - i would just make exact copies of my DVD but my CDrom isnt reading the DVD ( i cant put the DVD in my rom and the DVD+R in my burner and duplicate )

    if anyone could explain to me a better way to do this process i would be very grateful

    Sincerely, Chris
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    You could choose your burner as both the source and destination drives in Clonedvd. Once your disc is finished being read, the burner will eject. Clonedvd will then prompt you to insert a blank disc.

    Or provided there isn't a lot of protection on the original disc, you can just directly import the disc directly into Shrink. Some exceptions exist with Shrink though: click
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    thank you

    Thank you Web for your help - just as you were posting i saw a sticky above that my eyes didnt see =( sorry to make ya type more then ya needed to!
    but thank you much for your help ... it is very appriciated =)

    Sincerely, Chris