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    Afternoon, folks.
    I'm trying to get back into my AnyDVD (regular not the HD) program on a new computer running a different version of Windows than I had previously. I'm moving from Windows 7pro to Windows 10. Also, my version of AnyDVD is the SlySoft version ( with a lifetime membership, not the RedFox version I have successfully set it up and its working but I'm not able to get any updates. Is it possible to renew my lifetime membership or update it to receive updates to the current version or something close to it without having to pay a second time?
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    Wrong section, moved from general chat to licensing.

    With your slysoft lifetime license, you can update to the last version issued under slysoft days (which is, newer than what you currently have). Unfortunately due to the forced shutdown of slysoft under orders from the antiguan authorities (who acted under pressure from the MPAA and AACS LA), they took your license, mine and everyone else's with them. However updating to 7695 is only partially useful, since that version doesn't support newer titles and the OPD servers for it no longer exist (again due to the shutdown)

    Slysoft licenses cannot be renewed under redfox for multiple reasons

    1. A renewal by definition, implies renewing something existing. Due to the shutdown, your license no longer exists officially
    2. Redfox does NOT have access to the customer database (and licenses), due to the shutdown. All that was taken away

    Nobody likes it, but lifetime licenses were given updates for the lifetime of the company that sold it to you (SlySoft), and something that no longer exists can't give updates for a product :( After the forced shutdown, (and owing back pay) former devs took possession of the code and restarted development under "RedFox". Now, how do you pay for the existing/new staff, new servers etc...? Right, you sell new licenses

    There is unfortunately only 1 option left (if you wish to continue using AnyDVD v8 and up), and that is to purchase a new license. Nobody likes having to do this, but it's the only way. There were significant discounts when redfox first lauched (i'm guessing over 2 years now), but that time is passed. However there is the regular 20% off like slysoft used to have. There's not one active now, but they usually do one around major holidays. Next one up i'd say will probably be around halloween.

    In the end its your choice, but i'm sure redfox would love the show of support and they will most definitely be able to use the funds :)
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