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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by wdgoldstein, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. wdgoldstein

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    AnyDVD/HD allows one to display the output of your HD capable video card on multiple monitors.

    With an ATI X1600 I have successfully displayed HD movies on both my desktop and HDTV simaltaniusly through DVI-D (desktop) and VGA (TV) using PowerDVD Ultra. Before AnyDVD/HD this could not be done and the docs for PowerDVD Ultra state that the second monitor need's to be disabled to watch a HD-DVD (I confirmed this prior to installing AnyDVD/HD).

    Three cheers to James and company for this unlisted feature:bowdown:
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    Seems strange that they would not tell us this.
  3. wdgoldstein

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    Actually I was one of the Beta testers and didn't think to even try it until today. I had attempted to do this before AnyDVD/HD with the stated results. I believe the reason we weren't told is that no one tried it. The main reason for the previous failures is due to HDCP hence I just figured that since the HDCP requirements had been killed by AnyDVD/HD it might just work. It Did :agree:

    My setup is most likley very different than most if not all users. My main system uses 3 monitors fed by 2 video cards. A 22" LG wide screen fed by an ATI X1600 (DVI-D) and two side LG 17" standard format screens on an ATI X1300. In my office I also have a treadmill with a 27" HDTV in front of it (it also has its own dvd player) for when I exercise. I was not going to buy another HD-DVD player for this screen nor set up a full computer system just for the 1/2 hour a day I walk on the treadmill. This now allows me too feed the picture and sound (I have seperate external surround speakers for the HDTV) to this other setup from my PC and receiver. All very cool8)