Unable to rip Toy Story 3 DVD

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    Hi All,

    As always thanks for the ever great AnyDVD HD!

    First problem in ripping a DVD I've had, in years, that I haven't been able to overcome.

    If I select 'Rip to harddisk', AnyDVD shows that it completed successfully but only rips about 1.8GB of a 7.8GB disc, even though it takes enough time to process the whole disc.

    If I select 'Rip to image', the .iso file is the full 7.8GB in size but it will not playback correctly. In some players it crashes just before the main menu. In other players it will show the main menu but the only item I can't play is the main movie - just keeps going back to main menu.

    Same problem occurs on multiple physical optical drives. So it seems something with this particular DVD.

    Log file attached.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    There's multiple read errors on the disc, combining that with the fact that you say the iso will not play correctly and it's happening in multiple drives AND that this is a pretty old movie. The most likely conclusion is that you've got yourself a dirty/defective disc.
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    I was wondering similar and was hoping there was something definitive in the logfile.

    The other strange detail I've found, both on the physical DVD and the .iso rip, if I look at the properties of the VIDEO_TS folder, it shows as 65GB! If I copy the folder to my hard drive, it copies 65GB of "something", even though the whole disc is only about 7-8GB.
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    Nothing unusual, just something called 'structural protection' at work. Makes it look like there's tons of video files on the disc, a lot more than a disc can physically hold. Those can't be 'removed l on the fly by anydvd when you do a simple fine copy with explorer. That can only be done when ripping with the anydvd ripper or CloneDVD ripper, as or re-authors the disc in a way to only rip the actual below DVD's structure.

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    I bought another copy of the Toy Story 3 DVD - curiosity was going to kill me otherwise. Looks like the second disc has the same ID as the first.
    While it still took foooorever for AnyDVD to scan it, it did successfully rip to Folder and ISO image this time. So, I'm guessing the, the first disc had some mastering error but, fortunately, not affecting the whole geo batch.

    Surprisingly, though, if I play the ISO image, it still crashes at the same point, just before the main menu. But, at least, this time, I could reauthor the main title from the Folder rip.

    I've attached the log file for the second disc, just in case anyone is interested in comparing.

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  6. dbminter

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    That DVD is probably protected by some form of structural copy protection. So, creating an ISO will probably result in an unplayable file. Try ripping the DVD to folder instead and playing the VIDEO_TS folder contents. See if that helps.

    In the future, for any structurally copy protected DVD's, do not rip to ISO's. It's a 50/50 proposition that the resulting ISO will be unplayable.