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    Part of the appeal for being able to rip UHD Bluray is high dynamic range and wider color spectrum. Will CloneBD keep these in tact if converting ISO to MKV? What if the disc is encoded with Dolby Vision?

    In future versions of CloneBD will you guys include HDR in some kind of info-box in the program so we can see which type of HDR the disc has on it?(i.e. like the way you show the audio codec on the disc)
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    Yes, HDR10 will be left completely intact when doing lossless copies or - if transcoding - when selecting HEVC 10 bit output.

    To my knowlege, that is, at present, impossible.
    Dolby Vision contains its additional information in a separate "video" track. Currently, there is no specification for MKV, that defines how to implement this - and if ever there will be, it will take a while for players to adopt the feature.

    HDR10 on the other hand is more "light weight" and comes implicitly with the main video stream.

    I suppose, that is possible.
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    So, I think I see where you're talking about:

    On the "Target" menu I have three choices, one being "HEVC 10 Bit (software)" What does it mean "Software"?

    The first time I tried using this setting I received an error...I'm trying it again right now with the medium quality selected instead of the Highest quality. But Im getting 0% for "Encoder Output" is this a problem?

    What threw me though was this in the "settings menu" :

    It says this (in circle) no matter what I select in the "Target" menu

    CloneBD.png CloneBD2.jpg
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    The encoder output is meant to be at 0% (hint, hover over it with your mouse to find out why). Basically if it anything bigger than 0% your target device is too slow to keep up with the encoder.

    The 10 bit software means that your GPU doesn't support hardware based 10 bit hdr encoding and the CPU is used. Hence it being at 90% or something. For normal 8bit your GPU will work, thus it says 'hardware encoding' next to it.

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    I tried ripping/transcoding inferno UHD with clone BD and no matter where I put the slider the movie comes out over 80gb ( picking just main movie and lossless audio track with hard coded forced English sub only and 4k hevc 10 output).

    Just ripping the movie and audio straight to mkv is a 40gb file.

    Where am I going wrong or is there a bug in using 3840x2160 hevc10 output
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    Really? I'm using a NVIDIA GTX960 as my video card, wouldn't it have the correct hardware encoding?
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