UHD rips perfectly to PC Hard drive....BUT......

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  1. hdtvjeff

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    Hey Guys

    I have my LG WH16ns40 with the modded firmware which allows me to perfectly rip the contents via ANYDVD to my desktop.

    If the movie is in one .m2ts file, all is great

    My issue is with UHD titles that are in multiple .m2ts files

    With blu rays, this could easily be rectified with BDinfo/ TS Muxer/pavtube ByteCopy.

    I even tried video redo to combine the files , no luck

    I want a lossless copy NOT a MKV file.

    What might I do to combine all these uhd .m2ts files?

    Also, PC connected to monitior 1920x1080 via dvi and colors washed out and don't know why.

    Any help appreciated !

    Thanks guys!
  2. MartyMcNuts

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    What's wrong with a lossless MKV file? Just open the playlist in mkvtoolnix, select/deselect any subs, tracks etc you don't want (if there are any), then output your lossless MKV file. Nothing is re-encoded etc so it is lossless.

    The colors are washed out due to the movie containing HDR. You either need to watch it using a system that supports HDR or convert the file from HDR to SDR but then it will no longer be lossless.
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  3. eviltester

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    The first problem you have is your display cable type. Only certified connectors/cabling can be used.
    DisplayPort 1.4. HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4 are capable of over 18Gbps bandwidth, 4K resolution, and 10-bit color, which are needed for HDR.

    1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI, and VGA cables aren't capable of displaying HDR signals.
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  4. hdtvjeff

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    You guys rock , using MKVtoolnix, doing the job! I thought MKV was a compressed format, silly me.

    If I want to make a uhd copy onto blank media, what software would copy the exact contents from the 4k UHD movie to another disk?

    Thanks again guys for all the help !!!!
  5. MartyMcNuts

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    You can use CloneBD for that. Although most UHD's are larger than 50GB so you would need to either make your BD disc movie only or shrink the UHD disc to fit a BD-50.
  6. hdtvjeff

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    So I can use CloneBD with a non firmware modded drive to record on to I guess since copy protection is removed already?

    I thought there were 100GB disks.

    Back to MKVtoolnix, I assume it preserves HDR in its output file?

    Also, what is the primary difference between m2ts files and MKV files?

    Also, is the exact bitrate maintained in the output from
    Again guys, thanks !!

    Will definitely pay the knowledge forward
  7. MartyMcNuts

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    Yep, CloneBD works with decrypted discs, so you can either decrypt to HDD first or just use CloneBD (with AnyDVD running to decrypt on the fly) to create your disc or MKV file.

    I'm not sure on what blank BD's there are these days. I haven't written to a blu-ray disc in about 10 years! I thought there were only BD25 and BD50 recordables....


    The video/audio remain unchanged when muxing to a MKV. It's jut a different container. If your source is HDR, then so is the muxed MKV.

    Since you said you were using a 1080p monitor, I assume it does not do HDR? To benefit from HDR, you need to watch on a TV/monitor that supports it. If you do not have a HDR compatible TV/monitor, you could use CloneBD to convert the movie to SDR. It won't be lossless but you could encode using a bitrate that is close to (or the same as) the original.
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  8. hdtvjeff

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    Just saw on Amazon a spindle of 10 100GB recordable media for around $50

    Would Nero copy a ripped 4k to blank media?
  9. MartyMcNuts

    MartyMcNuts Well-Known Member

    Any burning program should, so long as there is no protection on the rip. I'm sure IMGburn also would and it's free!
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  10. hdtvjeff

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    I have learned so much, just another question for the day

    I bought a Sony UHD player for about $175 .

    This will connect to a tv that is HDR 10 compliant.

    If I wish to send a movie ( UHD) from my PC via display port or hdmi to this HDR capable 4k monitor will the quality and plyability equal that of the dedicated UHD player?

    PC is top of the line intel CPU with an AMD Radeon Vega card.

    Agai, thank you guys, learned sooooo much today.
  11. MartyMcNuts

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    HDMI is the way to go and yes the quality would be the same. That's why some of us have HTPC's and/or NAS storage. Personally, I store all my movie MKV's on my NAS and stream them to my HTPC (running KODI). The HTPC outputs through my receiver to the TV.

    I do have a UHD player but haven't used it in over 3 years!! One thing to watch out for when playing rips using the Sony UHD player is cinavia. (This is not a concern when using a HTPC).
  12. Ch3vr0n

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    Keep in mind that due to Intel SGX restrictions you CANNOT use a discrete graphics card to play UHD discs, in DISC mode, with powerdvd for example. The display device (monitor) must be hooked up to the onboard video.

    This restriction has no effect on mkv's for example.

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  13. hdtvjeff

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    Wow that answers here are absolutely amazing.

    I have used HTPC setups in the past whether it was Meedios in 2004 or WMC (Which does dont go beyond 1080P)

    I wouldn't mind taking my new mkytoolnix uhd rips and via display port or hdmi sending them to my 4k HDR Vizio 4k TV

    The only issue I have is physically having to drag and drop the WMP classic program to the bigscreen and having no remote control to use.

    My video card (AMD Radeon Vega) has 4 display ports and 2 hdmi ports (6 in total) I have 3 LG NON HDR 4k 27 inch monitors on my desk for editing and such then that 65 inch tv a few feet away

    I currently use PLEX to stream but all of those are MKVs with 2,0000 Kps compression which would defeat the whole purpose of UHD So i thinnk I am looking at a hybrid Plex Streaming/ HTPC hard wired and a SONY UHD 4k standalone player

    Thanks for reading !!!
  14. SamuriHL

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    Plex works fine with uhd mkvs. You may want to grab a steaming device with plex support that can handle uhd. There's lots of them out there. I use a shield. The new firestick 4k I just got also works if you're looking for something cheaper. No quality lost at all on those devices with plex.

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  15. hdtvjeff

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    I am new to Plex, can Plex stream a native uncompressed 60GB mkv file at its native bitrate?
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    That's a specialist question probably better asked at the plex forums. That's way beyond this forum section and topic
  17. Jaws_1

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  18. SamuriHL

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    Plex can, but, the question isn't about what the plex server can do but more the capabilities of the plex client. Which is why I recommended a good streaming device that supports UHD and HDR. Because then yes, yes it can. I do it quite regularly. :)
  19. hdtvjeff

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    This forum rocks.

    MKVToolnix is my dream come true, but why is the lossless mkv output smaller in file size than the 4K m2ts source file ?

    Thanks guys
  20. MartyMcNuts

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    The MKV is a little smaller due to file headers etc... Don't worry, the audio/video is untouched!!