Two Towers Extended Edition

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  1. Disc is clean. No scratches. Fails. DVD Shrink gives cyclic redundancy check error. CloneDVD/AnyDVD get a read error in checking/scanning menus. See attached log file.


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  2. Note: Not sure if it helps but it was Side B that had problems. Side A burned fine. Both sides are pristine.
  3. James

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    DIsc and / or drive is dirty and / or defective.
  4. James, I've burned lots of other discs without issue in the last week. It's not the drive. And if I inspect the disc, repeatedly, it's clean. Pristine, in fact.
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    The human eye can't see microscopic defects. Just because it looks clean doesnt mean it is. If the drive reads other titles fine, then it's your disc.

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  6. James, et al, I just cleaned just to be sure AND cleaned my optical lens too, and all other discs burn fine. I see ZERO scratches on this under good light of any kind (or specks); it's a brand new DVD I'm trying to back up.
  7. I just watched it too so it plays fine in my DVD player. In searching about this, I did find deleted forum posts about this same problem and it appeared related to file names somehow and duplicates but the forums have deleted those threads and I just have the residual info via Google. It's not the disc being dirty or my player. It's somehow related to how this disc was authored it appears.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    And we see brand new discs in the forum right out of the plastic wrapper being defective just about over every few weeks on these forums.

    'how the discs was authored': if a disc is badly authored, that's defects this defective disc ;-)

    Watching isn't the same a ripping. If the error is in an extra you didn't watch or in one of the menu's of it perhaps you don't always see it. Players can skip over a faulty section resulting in video you don't get to see.

    That can't happen during ripping. Ripping needs to copy every last bit(byte) on the disc. Faulty area, data stops flowing, rip errors out.

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  9. mmdavis

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    You have a few options:
    1) Try the newest beta just to see if by chance it works.
    2) Try ripping with a different drive to see if it can read it better if it is a borderline disc.
    3) Exchange the disc and hope it isn't part of a defective batch.
    4) Rip with CloneDVD and have it skip the defective parts or just do Movie Only and hope the defective part is an extra. Maybe you'll notice, maybe you won't.
  10. Clams

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    Only a brand new DVD can have a "defect" - old DVDs can be dirty or scratched.
    We see factory defects all the time.
    Edit - I have that DVD - hang on.
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  11. Clams

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    Oddly my extended edition of The Two Towers came as ONE duel-layer DVD. (part of a boxed set)
    Main Movie is 2:08:42 long.
    I wonder if the double sided thing is even a "real" factory disk.
    I assume we're talking about the New Line / Peter Jackson adaptation of Tolkien.
    Here's my log..

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